If you dream of having your own garden someday, with beautifully trimmed trees, comfy benches and maybe a relaxing fountain, you are the perfect Gardenscapes player. Developed by Playrix Games for various mobile platforms and browsers, this is a cute and fun way of spending your free time. It’s also quite popular (over 10 million downloads on Android and a total score of 4.4) and many users appreciate both the storyline and the challenging puzzles and mini-games.


The Gameplay

You are the successor of a rich uncle who loved living in the countryside and leaves you a big mansion with a large garden. Both the mansion and the garden need a bit of a spruce up and the caretaker (Austin) will take you through the process step-by-step. You will have the possibility to decorate and re-arrange various parts of the garden, but for this you have to earn stars. So, for each step you take, you will have to solve a mini game in order to earn enough coins and stars for the work done.

You also have a limited number of lives so, if you fail to solve one of the games, you will lose one life. But don’t worry, the number of lives replenishes itself in time. You also have the possibility to do in-app purchases if you want to move faster in the game, but the most fun is when you do the work without any help.

Features that make this game great

Most of the mini-games that help you earn coins and stars are swap-and-match with fruits and flowers which bring a refreshing note to the entire game. Also, you won’t just be working with Austin; there are a plethora of colorful characters you will have to interact and work with. This means you won’t get bored with just one storyline.

The game encourages you to be social and share your progress with friends. And why shouldn’t you? After all you are working on a beautiful garden and everything looks absolutely fantastic!

One of the features we loved is the design. The game is quite vivid and full of color, giving you the impression that you are in an actual garden. Lots of green plants, wonderful flowers, even a tree house, and many other lovely items we all dream of having in our own garden.

We loved the action and the storyline which together create a wonderful game perfect for when you have time to kill. We also enjoyed the fact that the mini-games got more difficult as we advanced in the game, but at a challenging level. Gardenscapes is definitely an enjoyable and fun game!

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