Scatter Slots is a quite an interesting casino slots machine game! Besides the fact that it combines amazing fantasy graphics with classic music the game will offer you plenty of chances to win more coins and gems, keeping you in play mode. Even more, to ease the burden on your pocket, Scatter Slots is free to download and play which is one of the contributing factors to its huge popularity (over 1 million downloads on Android).

However, the game is not completely free. There will be situations when you will have to use your own money to get out of bad rounds or you will have to watch an ad to get more coins and gems. While it sounds that, regardless of your skills, you will have to open your pocket one way or another, this is not completely true. There are a few tips and tricks in our Scatter Slots hack collection that we want to share today and that, we hope, will help you save some real money.

scatter slots hack

Scatter Slots Hack Collection: Tips for Beginner and Advanced Players

As a beginner you might be overwhelmed by the amazing graphics, attractive colors, and interesting characters. However, you should focus on the game first since the steps you take first will put an imprint on your entire strategy. So let’s take a look at a few tips to consider.

#1: Using a coin generator

The first Scatter Slots Hack we want to show you is the coin generator. These are small apps available online that you can easily access and, what’s even more fun, they don’t ask you for your money! You just have to find a reliable app that will not wreak havoc on your account. Or worse, help you out with some viruses.

A coin generator will usually ask for an email account and the platform you’re using to play Scatter Slots. Then you’ll only have to introduce the number of coins and gems you need and your account will be credited. Oh, and you can use it as many times as you need.

#2: Take advantage of all the available bonuses

While not a hack per say, it is a good idea to make sure you tackle all the possible bonuses offered by the developers. This also gives you the possibility to have enough coins and gems in case you land a bad round.

First of all, you get 12,000,000 as your sign up bonus which is quite impressive if you try to compare it with other similar games. Then, there are huge jackpots, bonus games that will take you through amazing quests and, hourly bonuses.

Actually, the hourly bonuses are the best source of free coins in the game (other than the coin generator, of course). Scatter Slots gets its name from the bonus game that becomes available every hour (Scatter Slots). So, if you’re a loyal player, you will have the chance to play Scatter Slots as often as possible.

#3: Embark on a quest

Finally, one of the best activities you can do when low on cash is taking up on quests. The game is so well-designed that quests will feel like an adventure in an RPG game. The characters are so wonderfully detailed and so varied that you’ll definitely love to take as many quests as possible.

In the end, we can only say that for such a wonderful game, it is worth to try at least one Scatter Slots Hack just to keep you in play mode. The action is wonderful and the game is challenging enough to keep everyone interested.

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